Chat text and possibly more

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You can text, call, message, or , in addition to talking in person or interacting on social media. On top of that, you have social media and business apps to manage. Trying to keep up with all those different apps gets exhausting. What you need is a way to do everything in one place. At a glance, you can see if any of your apps have new activity.

But the process of moving all your apps can be involved. Luckily, we have a handy guide to help get you started. You have multiple usernames and passwords, for one. Notifications pose another issue. Each time, you have to open the separate app to look at your message. By having everything in one place, just clicking on that notification will take you to your dashboard. If you have multiple addresses with the same provider, you can also benefit from a software that pulls it all into one place. Instead of logging in and out to switch from one Gmail to another, you can stay active on both addresses.

Just toggle back and forth when you want to check your alternate addresses. If your taskbar is crowded with icons, you know what we mean. Using an aggregator for your messaging means you can clean some of that up. There are several reasons to move all your messaging apps to one place.

One is the convenience we mentioned above. But this is especially true of your business and personal communications. Being able to catch up on your Facebook messages while also monitoring for new Slack chats can be a great timesaver. You probably set your smartphone off to the side while you work. That means those Facebook and personal messages may be lighting up your screen throughout the day, distracting you from your work. A productivity app like Shift will consolidate all your most-used apps in one place.

This includes the many messaging apps you use. If you use extensions like Grammarly or Boomerang, you can also add those to Shift. Once you have all the apps you want, you can customize your experience. Set up notifications the way you want them to come through and personalize your dashboard to look the way you prefer.

Over the next few hours, pay attention to all the ways you communicate. Check your cell phone as well as any computers you use. Here are some of the most popular messaging apps in Shift to help you refine your list. Shift has 1,'s of apps available in the app directory, including:. The right tool will go beyond messaging apps. If your business uses productivity apps like Asana or Monday, you can add those in.

After taking stock of your various s, consider the multiple s you may have on the same app. Many users have multiple Gmail s, for instance, and logging out and in can be an involved process. An aggregator eliminates that pain, letting you stay ed in to multiple s. Instead of logging out of one , logging into another, and passing the security check, you can just toggle from one to another, no password required. In addition to , you may have two or more social media s, especially on Facebook. You can use Facebook Business Manager to operate your professional s and profiles alongside your personal profile.

You likely have more of a need to stay on top of your business messages than those that come through personally, and Shift makes it easy. Download Shift today to combine all of your messages in one place and streamline your workflow. I consent to receiving marketing from Shift to this address. With gratitude, we live, work, and play on this beautiful land. Shift is not sponsored by or affiliated with Google, Inc.

Gmail is a trademark of Google, Inc. Search Hit enter to search. The Benefit of Consolidating Messaging Apps There are several reasons to move all your messaging apps to one place. Find a Good Aggregator A productivity app like Shift will consolidate all your most-used apps in one place. Messaging Apps Available in Shift Over the next few hours, pay attention to all the ways you communicate.

It may even be on the computer you use for work. When your Aunt Mary or Uncle Bob reaches out about the family reunion, chances are it comes through Facebook Messenger. You may even occasionally get a work message that way. Combining it can ensure you never miss a message — for better or worse. Instagram - While Instagram messaging has now been combined with Facebook Messenger, a lot of Instagram users don't use Facebook.

For many, Instagram is still a main way to message with friends and family, share posts and run business s. Social media influencers and meme s make for interesting content to share and can be easily shared via messages with Instagram. Slack — Texting and instant messaging have long been associated with personal use. But businesses need a way to stay in touch, too. The vast majority of large companies use Slack, with plenty of small businesses choosing it, too. The app came along at a time when text messaging was expensive. It remains the top alternative to carrier-based texting, also known as SMS.

Skype — Skype remains popular for both business and personal use. But getting a message through can be tricky. Both you and the other party need to be online for the message to deliver. An aggregator service will let you add Skype to your dashboard to serve as a reminder to check in. WeChat is a Chinese messaging and social media app with over 1 billion active users. Discord — Discord is a voice and text chat app deed for the gaming community.

Many gamers are running multiple Discord s that can all be combined in Shift. Telegram — Telegram is a response to users' security concerns with some of the available messaging apps. With Telegram, all messages self-destruct and are encrypted. The cloud-based messaging and VOIP service is fast, free and secure. Google Hangouts — Hangouts is Google's IM service that allows users to instant message or voice and video calls with one person or a group. Like many of Google's past messaging solutions, Google will shut down the consumer version of Hangouts in June Microsoft Teams — For those using the Microsoft Office suite in their work environment, Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform.

Microsoft Teams provides a shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files, and work with business apps. BAND — Whether you have groups of friends, family or teammates, we all have the need to have multiple group messages going at all times. BAND is a free communication app that focuses on secure messaging between groups. Forgetting to check LinkedIn for a while could mean you miss an important business opportunity. It may even be your primary .

Outlook — Although Gmail is popular overall, Outlook still rules the business world. If you use Outlook for work, you can move quickly from your work inbox to a personal inbox using an aggregator. Imagine being able to switch from Outlook to Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, then your messenger services without having to open another app. Add Multiple s of the Same App After taking stock of your various s, consider the multiple s you may have on the same app.

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Chat text and possibly more

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