Dating pierced women

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No, I was considering an eyebrow piercing, my friend female who has her labret? Not sure I want any gauges in my ears, and if I do, nothing big. I was considering a lip ring or labret, as I was advice by another friend. Yeah, you could probably pull off a lip or eyebrow piercing. I know what you mean about ear gauging. I stopped at the size I'm at because it's largely considered the 'point of no return', in which if I were to go any bigger, there's a good chance they might not shrink back down to a normal, if I at any point decide to take my plugs out for good.

So I'm sticking with this size, because if they shrink down they'll LOOK normal, even if I can still fit gauge jewelry in them. No one would know. Yeah I may get both, not sure yet though. Will see. I still intend on getting sleeves though ink. How much would it cost? How much would sleeves cost? Oh man, that's really hard to say. Sleeves require so many countless hours and sessions to complete because it's so much surface area. It would easily run you up into the hundreds for one full sleeve, even thousands depending.

And obviously it'd be a work in progress for a while. I still need to work on getting the cash. Lol if someone told me not to get a tattoo, and I wanted to get one, I'd get one anyways cause I wanted to. You have a lot to learn then. Indeed "to each his own" which is tattooed on my back in latin, which is by cicero. Cultural concept. Self expression. Just understand anyone who identifies someone as "different" is "racist". The concept is based on everyone being the same,and all have the same abilities etc. It is really just discrimination against anyone who tries to be different.

I supose in reality its like wearing your favorite t shirt every day I still don't think I could ever get a tattoo or piercing becuase I cange my mind a lot Maybe, maybe not, not everyone has to do it, or like it. The concept behind being different and unequal in appearance,looks, etc. Alright I'll take that into consideration. I've been told to have more than an intellect of a "bar of soap". Although I couldn't speak for myself, just what I've been told by strangers and close friends. So I suppose it depends, to me it isn't just to "fit in" more so just expression, not much influence.

I went to my friends asking them about it, Before I was against the idea, but I'm reconsidering so. Yeah I mean you should try most things to gain an opinion on them so go for it. I don't hate my scars but they annoy me because they are still there after five years and I can still get piercings in a few of them. Probably won't ever go away. Whatever you want really, life is about trying new things. I've never seen a guy in a high place with facial piercings.

Unless we go the unrealistic route of being famous. And yes, to each his own. Which is what my answer was. My own, my opinion on it. From my female friend on what she told me, it doesn't hurt as bad as you may think. Tattoos aren't to bad either from my personal experience, so I guess it all depends heh :. I'm sure it isn't that bad but I'm chicken, if I hadn't had my ears done when I was too young to know what's going on they probably wouldn't be lmfao. I am willing to go zip line, sky dive or bungee jump but getting a flu shot I'll cry and just thinking about piercing something on myself makes me nervous hahahaha.

Lol, just cause they go to a church every weekend and play dress up, doesn't mean they're going to act like christians. You sound really confused and unsure of everything. Yes, how "christian" of you. I just love hypocrites and liars. Ouch someone should know I'm only 17 so I don't really know.. I live in the bible belt, I don't need church. I've read the bible, the Koran, and many other "holy books". I'm 19, what does age excuse? Because someone claims to be a christian doesn't mean they follow the book.

I find Islam,Judaism and Christianity to have the most hypocrites in their faiths. In fact, I find little to no real reason to consider those 3 faiths based on their inaccuracies and contradictions. Deuteronomy she shall be brought to the door of her father's house and there the men of her town shall stone her to death. She has done a disgraceful thing in Israel by being promiscuous while still in her father's house. You must purge the evil from among you. Still want to have fun with guys even if it isn't serious? I can say that Jesus isn't the christ for many reasons suggested by the Old testament.

But I doubt you have knowledge of the old laws,and why Jesus isn't a "messiah". I suppose,makes sense. I've seen people though who have neither piercing nor tattoo and they've got more of a "bad boy" after being arrested several times XD. I know guys that are not the "bad boy" type but have the piercings..

Yeah I was only really considering 2 piercings, one on my eye brow and the other on my lip. I had no intent to get hundreds. Ignorance of what exactly? Perhaps it is associated with danger, but from what perspective are we looking at this in, a religious one? Perhaps it is "aggression", perhaps not, but tell me where the motive is to do self harm. Emo cutting things because of a feeling. Different motives. Lol, why should they have any kind of piercings?

Frostie Xper 7. What do you think ladies? Do you like men with piercings yes or no? Why not? Share Facebook. Facial piercings on men? Add Opinion. It really depends on his features, honestly. I'm a big fan of piercings myself, obviously, and I tend to like them on others as well when it suits them. Lip piercings can be cool, septum piercings can be cool, both piercings I have.

My ex got his lip pierced shortly after I had my septum done, and I liked it on him. And I actually know several guys with septum piercings, in a larger gauge than what I have, and they pull it off well because it suits their style and persona.

Dating pierced women

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