Fat hubby wanted

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Dear Mr. Manners: My husband told me last night that he thinks I've gotten fat. I'll admit that I've gained some weight but do you think a spouse should ever say that? A: I only received strong yays and nays when I posed your question on my Facebook . It brings up a lot about love, trust, intimacy and, communication. To be honest, it took a bit of all the above plus, courage to do what her husband did. A partner should never say that you have gotten fat, nor should anyone say this to anyone you love. Frankly, I fall somewhere in between the extremes. After all, who better than a spouse to care about you enough to venture into such treacherous territory?

I believe the health of spouses and other committed partners should be a regular topic of conversation. But this should never be a tit-for-tat argument. Context and delivery clearly matter. He should approach it like other relationship issues, with 'I' statements, rather than 'you' ones.

For example, 'I want to improve my health and start eating better and exercising more. I think it's something we should do together. What do you think? I also asked another expert, Abby Ellin, the author of Teenage Waistland, who writes frequently about body image and health. Fat is about so much more than weight. Fat is perceived as a moral failing. Important: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not Everyday Health. Health Topics. Health Tools. Healthy Living.

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Fat hubby wanted

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