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This is especially true as an adult and even more so right now when the way we socialise has changed so much! Be yourself If you want to truly connect with other people and make friendships that last, the most important thing is to be yourself. You want to spend time with people who you have something in common with and who share similar interests and goals as you.

Make the first move Developing a new relationship or friendship can be nerve-wrecking but someone has to make the first move, or it might not happen. When talking to someone you would like to get to know better, listen for openings such as interests you have in common which could be an opportunity.

Look for any excuse you can find to spend time together. Active listening means paying full attention to the conversation, not interrupting and taking the time to understand what the person is saying, giving encouragement such as nodding your head and responding when they have finished talking. Studies show that talking about ourselves triggers the same pleasure areas of the brain as sex and good food, so if you actively listen to a new acquaintance and show interest by asking questions they will enjoy spending time with you. If you want some ideas to get the conversation flowing, we have a list of handy conversation starters.

Make time for your friends Making a new friend is just the beginning. Put it in your diary to phone or meet up with your new friend at least once every two weeks and aim to keep in touch with messages in between. If you need to set up reminders to keep in contact with friends, try using an app like Fabriq. The more time you spend with someone and the more you share random parts of your day, e. When it comes to making more time with friends then, like most things, plan ahead — co-ordinate dates in the diary in advance — and make it happen!

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Free fuck buddy finder in Widen

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