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I've been there a couple times now. A little louder than some of the other clubs and more fun, party atmosphere. If you're in the mood for laid back fun, it's great. Layout: Very large building, high ceilings, warehouse type feeling. There is plenty of rail space which is a must, since the stage is surrounded by a ft wall. If you're at the rail, you can see, but if you sit back at a table, you may not see, if the dancer decides to lay down. The chairs are comfortable and clean and staff is great about providing ice, since it's byob. There are a couple stages and shower stage, but I've never been on a night that is that busy.

If you're patient, the right one is there for you. Tipping at the rail will produce different for each dancer. If you act friendly and laid back, it'll cause her to be friendly and laid back. Most girls won't proposition you for a dance from the rail, so if you're interested, be sure to speak up. Many of the girls circulate, especially if you tipped at the rail. I've had the full spectrum of experiences while sitting at the table. . I've been a regular at this club for a year and a half, and always have a good time. Look up Sephora, cute little lady. More on her later. The place has an interesting set up, with three split floors each with a stage.

From the upper level couches you can see all three stages fairly well, but you definitely want to get up to side stage for the best opportunities. I've noticed girls are reluctant to approach customers unless you've been tipping, so don't be shy. The girls are very interactive and friendly; you won't be disappointed.

You just need to show adequate interest first. Dances are average priced, 25 for a topless dance and 40 for fully nude. Industry standard pretty much. You save money because you can bring in your own beer and wine, so that's pretty sweet.

The crowd is on the younger side on the weekends, which can be funny and can be annoying as well. My tip is to go a little earlier in the evening, but don't expect much before Not until after ten is when my favorite girl is there anyway, and if you stop in be sure to ask for Sephora. All natural, friendly as hell, great smile, and kickass body. Very personable and makes you feel like the only person in the club.

Highly recommend getting private dances, as her stage sets do not do her justice. Just a great girl and the reason I frequent. It was opening night of the NFL season, so since I was in Des Moines, I thought the Lumberyard would be a good choice to watch the game and some good looking entertainment.

Correct on both counts. This was my second visit, and I am quite impressed by this club. It's nothing special from the outside, but it is very comfortable inside. Good comfortable seats, a lodge like feel, and a slightly confusing, but interesting multi-level layout. Both visits to the Lumberyard have been worthwhile.

One word of caution, don't pay any attention to the special events they advertise on their website. The night I was there was supposed to be oil wrestling, but I learned from one of the dancers that they tried it once,me real months ago, and haven't done it since. She said that their amateur nights are similarly hit or miss, although much more likely than oil wrestling. But if you don't care about the event, you will have a good time.

I find the girls here are attentive and friendly. They are very good about selling dances without being overbearing. The ones that approached me were very nice to talk to, and only a couple overstayed their welcome. The girls as a group are pretty attractive, with a few beauties and a couple of them are amazing on the pole. If you like a lot of activity, you definitely want to arrive after I thought the football game might draw people in, but there wasn't much of a crowd until much later in the eve Decent setup for the Lumberyard, especially for a busy weekend.

Three stages, but each is at a different level, so you cannot really see them all from any one seat, but it does spread the crowd out when it gets busy with people on each level. All three stages were going by pm or so. Probably around 20 or so girls on shift that I saw. Most of them were pretty hot and the less attractive girls were not dogs by any means. Mostly white girls, but a few black girls too. Good variety of body types from lean and athletic to a little more big booty.

My favorite was Winry, who was tall and fairly heavily tatted up, but super sexy and friendly. It was also amateur night when I visited, which I would avoid in the future. The amateurs were not very hot or good at dancing. They did get naked, so there is that, but the other girls stop dancing, of course, and it just isn't as good. Plus, the local DJ they have MC the amateur contest was more annoying than entertaining. Not the worst local DJ in the world, but still didn't bring much tot he table.

Overall, a good visit and I'd go back and do recommend a visit. The best in Des Moines, which may not be saying much. I have only just starting visiting clubs with more regularity over the past years. I've been traveling a lot for work and been able to see lots of different club types. Some have been awful, some ok and very few amazing. This club falls into the amazing category.

The only part that isn't over the top is the building itself. But who cares?! I find myself looking for an excuse to take a work trip to Iowa whenever I can. Especially on a Monday or Tuesday. Monday is half off vip and Tuesday is two for one. Honestly, the mileage here blows my vegas experience out of the water. Easier to get a dance, girls are less pushy, more affordable, and byob!

I know a lot of people think byob is weird, but I think it is the best perk to have. My last Tuesday visit was incredible. There was a tandem that danced the stage together. Almost choreographed, but still sexy as hell. They really worked the stage. I decided to get a dance with both of them together. Especially at two for 1! The private show was even better than the stage. They worked together and definitely enjoyed full contact with me and each other. The other thing I like about this place is that the girls can really dance. They all have pole skills and great moves.

The stage is raised perfectly with the seats for a great view. Especially since you can bring your own alcohol. I have been here about 4 times and ha Toggle lustnames. now. Strip clubs U. The Lumber Yard 5 reviews Add review. Club type: Nude Dancers.

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Lumberyard strip club des moines iowa

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