Real girlfriends for life

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Jen asked YOU, her Tribe, to tell us your best friendship stories. After hundreds of responses on Facebook, we ended up with two sets of friends sharing their amazing stories with Jen—probably the most touching friendship stories you will ever hear! Come on in, and us for a chat with Jen and friends about all the things we love. So I got to thinking —all of our different series and the podcasts are interesting. But my favorite thing about our tribe.

Who has something we should hear? They absolutely carry us. They give us strength when we need them most. They have a story that positively exemplifies true and lasting friendship. So first off, Vivian and Nancy thank you so, so much for responding to our call for amazing friendship stories and for being on the show today.

I just cannot tell you how much I appreciate your time and and really just your beautiful lives. I mean I am just blown away so. Vivian, so you nominated your friend Nancy, which by the way you did not get her clearance for, incidentally right. So let me ask you first, what immediately came to your mind when you saw my post asking for friendship stories, and why did you want people to know about Nancy?

Vivian: Well, I have tons of great friends. Jen: Yes, yes, yes, and amen. I am so excited to tell everybody this, just really beautiful story of yours. Now Nancy, we know this all really started with your friendship with Denise. She came in to interview for a position that we had open for an attorney and she was brand spanking new as an attorney. She had worked at the Court of Appeals for a year, and she was looking for her first real job in a law office.

From then on, we shared so many of the same interests; we both grew up in rural settings on the farm. Neither of us had family in Kansas City other than our spouses. At that time I had a two and a four year old—boys—and she and her husband Tim just immediately became close friends. We went to ball games together and we would meet for dinner out. Nancy: …in our 24 years of friendship. So we just did life together and our husbands were good friends.

She eventually had two boys that were were 10 years younger—her oldest son is 10 years younger than our oldest son. Then she had another son, and Tim and Denise and their boys were just family to us, really. So we got to do a life together, and it was a privilege and an honor to be her friend.

Jen: How beautiful. And so what was really the first just kind of hard moment that you weathered together. Nancy: Well, in , she was diagnosed with breast cancer. So, we were together and in her law firm then in she formed, she left the other law firm and started her own firm and asked me to come with her. So I did. In she was diagnosed with breast cancer, so that was the start of our cancer journey together. So that was the first of us going through things together.

She would be in chemo and I would bring her lunch or I would just come and sit with her during that process. So, we celebrated five years cancer free in , and had a big party with all of our girlfriends. So the tragedy continued on. Denise had decided not to tell anybody, other than those of us who are closest to her. But Tim was out hitting pop flies to the boys and came in and sat down in the dugout and collapsed. He suffered a massive heart attack, of which they were not able to revive him.

II was there at the game and drove her from the baseball diamond to the hospital, and then from the hospital home to tell her two sons that their dad had not made it. That and all the while knowing, she and I knowing, that she had a non-curable cancer. How could this be allowed to happen by God? How could this be part of a plan, how could this be right for her two boys?

She could have written a book on how to be a mom in this type of adversary situation with her boys and just sharing with them the blessings; reminding them of the blessings that they had. Jen: What a wonderful thing to say about her. It was right about this time, right, that Vivian, you ed this small group that they were a part of? Jen: Yes. Vivian: Correct. Nancy: Absolutely, yes. Absolutely friends within the small group. Vivian had just moved to the Kansas City area. I tell you, she was a gift from God. I mean, I have said that throughout all of this that God has just continued to put just the right people in my path as I have needed them; Vivian coming to Kansas City, and becoming a part of our small group, I think in February of Jen: How wonderful.

She was an attorney in the Kansas City area; so very well respected and had been so generous throughout her life. So when she called on law firms, and lawyers at law firms, especially the plaintiffs firms, when she called upon them and asked for help in supporting this foundation, they were all in. Nancy: Yeah. In fact, she was so blessed, and she would say that, that she was blessed, that this was curing for her and her boys, that she was at a baseball game, a couple of years ago, and the game had not started yet, and she noticed a commotion—an umpire had come out of the concession stand area and had collapsed.

So Denise, who was not very well at the time, was having breathing issues, sent her son Brian to the car to get the AED; the mobile one that they carried in their car all the time. Brian ran out there and got back with the AED. He had no pulse, he was not breathing, he was blue up to his chin.

But the use of the AED brought him back to life. Jen: I have goose bumps everywhere. That is so amazing. So outstanding. She chose something important and necessary and it saved a life in front of her eyes. Nancy: Right yes, for all the AEDs we placed, it was hers and they used it. So it was a blessing for them.

She would say it was curing to see the difference that they had made in the life of that family, that they had prevented a tragedy so that someone else would not have to go through what she and her boys had gone through. Nancy: Well, the next part of the story is that a year ago right now, Denise became very ill and so she spent days in the hospital. Unfortunately, at the end. She passed away on September 11th, Vivian: Absolutely it was Nancy. Nancy and Denise went to California looking for more treatment, a different kind of treatment.

That was Nancy that made all that happen. I still, even knowing this story, I still get goose bumps. So after 48 days she lost her battle? Nancy: She did, yes she did. She was brave to the end. Just amazing, and it was a privilege for me to be there with her through that. Unfortunately, she did not have a family member who could be there through this. So clearly, God made us sisters, 24 years ago, and blood did not need to be part of that even though we were both B positive.

Nancy: It was a privilege and an honor to have lived that and been there and it was really a family effort because my husband was so supportive and allowed me to be there day and night. My son Andrew literally spent five weeks at the Henning house just being there for the boys. Nancy: Our families were so intermingled like that.

He did that for them. He just stayed with them. So then, at age 26, he was prepared and knew exactly what the boundaries would be, and how to love those boys dearly. They knew, knowing that Andrew was hurting through all of this too because Denise was like a second mom to him. Nancy: Well we actually we are now raising her two sons. This was something, that of course, was distressing Denise, years prior to her passing, about what would happen to her sons if God brought her home.

Nancy: We are raising a second set of sons and they are amazing. I know this must really be hurting you. So that that comes with all the ups and downs of that. Nancy: I have been there done that. God Is giving me another chance. Oh my goodness. Vivian, can you jump in here and talk a little bit about sort of your story with Nancy, and your journey, and your diagnosis and what your friendship has looked like? Vivian: Well.

Real girlfriends for life

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