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A mom and medical professor caused an international sensation when she live-tweeted a lecture on abstinence presented in her son's East Lansing High School sex-ed class. A Michigan mom and medical professor who gained international notoriety for live tweeting harsh criticism of an anti-abortion, pro-abstinence speaker during her son's sex ed class has been banned from the school.

Rather, what got Dreger kicked off school property was the string of vulgarities she directed at the program instructor after the class, Lansing State Journal columnist Judy Putnam wrote. I support the appropriate expression of a plurality of viewpoints; however, I am very concerned by the utter lack of civility I see conveyed in the tweets and the behavior the tweeter admits to exhibiting in the classroom.

This is not representative of the conduct we expect to see adults model for our students. Dreger, a writer and professor of medical humanities and bioethics at Northwestern University, admitted on Twitter that she " lost it. She decided to live-tweet the discussion after learning about it from her son. Both are skeptical about the value of abstinence education , according to an essay Dreger wrote for the Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger.

Drugs, unemployment, failure to finish school — sex is part of the disaster. To be clear, abstinence education is required curricula in Michigan school districts that offer sex ed classes, and East Lansing's is not an abstinence-only sex education class. If you find one that says 'no,' that's the one you want.

They fail. You get pregnant. Your friends leave you. You drop out of school. Your kids end up in the army. Stephan Turner, whose son is a senior at East Lansing, urged the school not to lift the ban prohibiting Dreger from attending school events that don't specifically involve her son. Turner and said in a letter that Dreger's "vulgarity and behavior was despicable and disrespectful to the teacher and other students," the Lansing State Journal's Putnam wrote in her column.

But Stuart White, also a father of a student at the school, said focusing on the school district's embarrassment about "tweets littered with the f-bomb" comes at the expense of the issues Dreger raised. If you find one that says 'no,' that's the one you want" — infuriated medical professor. Beth Dalbey , Patch Staff. Posted Tue, Apr 21, at pm ET. Find out what's happening in Clawson with free, real-time updates from Patch. Let's go! Coby Fletcher, the high school principal, issued a statement that read, in part: " Tell Us: What do you think?

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Sex Dating Clawson

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You Won't Believe What Happened When Mom Live-Tweeted Abstinence Talk in Sex Ed Class