Swinging in glastonbury Swinging

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for Free! Published 12 years ago. Just had the best Glastonbury ever, best bands and met some fantastic people. I walked the first few miles, hoping for someone to take pity and pick me up, but to no avail. Then it started to rain and I huddled, tired and unhappy under a tree, a few minutes later a car appeared, it went past me then I saw the brake lights come on and perked up.

We went into the house and he asked if I wanted to take a shower, did I ever! He showed me where the bathroom was and got me a towel and told me to help myself to toiletries. He had lent me a dressing gown, it was very silky and felt strangely good against my skin, I went downstairs and he asked if I wanted some wine, I said that would be good. I came round sometime later, I felt very odd, I tried to sit up then realised I was secured to the bed; I was blindfolded but could see a small amount of light. I lay totally still, not moving an inch as I felt the pull of the razor as it glided over my nether regions, even though I was totally straight, I felt my cock grow semi —hard, with minutes I was as smooth as a baby, he washed me off then dried me, then applied some soothing gel.

I felt him stand up and heard the sound of him taking off his robe, then I felt his body against mine as he lay beside me, I gasped as I felt the touch of a silky nightie and the feel of his stockinged legs as he rubbed them against me. He held my erect cock and wanked me slowly; I felt him move down then groaned out loud as he took me into his mouth. God, the guy sucked like a wet Hoover, better than any of my past girlfriends. I felt him move on top of me, grinding his pantied cock against mine, I felt myself responding, no longer trying to ignore the pleasure I was getting, he kissed my face gently, closer and closer to my mouth, his lips touched mine softly, his tongue flicked my lips, he kissed my mouth and I let his tongue enter my mouth, kissing him hard, unable to deny my pleasure any longer.

I tasted lipstick which excited me more; I thrust my tongue into his mouth now, gasping as the pleasure built. He stopped and sat up astride me, I felt his hand on my cock, then he was rubbing it over his ass, slowly he pressed down against me and now he groaned as my cock entered him, slowly, he rode me, varying the speed and the depth I was up him, I was in heaven! He gasped, now plunging up and down hard, taking every inch of me, I cried out as I came and came, my cum pumping inside him, I felt splashes on my body as he came over me.

Slowly he came to a stop and leaned down to kiss me again, he got off and stood up. He told me he was going to hide the camcorder somewhere safe, but first he took off the blindfold and filmed my face. We showered together and slept in the same bed, we made love in the morning before he dropped me near the M32 in Bristol, he had given me his , just in case I was going to Glastonbury next year. It really was the best Glastonbury ever!

Swinging in glastonbury Swinging

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